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Why Hair History Matters at Your Appointment?

Have you ever wondered why stylists ask about your hair history at appointments? It's not because we're nosey! We truly want to help you achieve your dream hair, and understanding your hair's past is crucial for healthy, beautiful results.

Think of your hair history like a map: Knowing where your hair has been helps us navigate where it can go.

Colour History: Building on the Past, Not Starting Over

Think about a new relationship. You wouldn't jump in without knowing the other person's past, right? Similarly, knowing your hair's colour history helps us predict how it will react to new treatments.

  • Fresh Canvas vs. Coloured Landscape: Colouring virgin hair is straightforward. However, if you already have colour, achieving your desired result might require some adjustments.

Our Goal: Healthy Hair, Happy Clients

As professionals, our ultimate goal is to create healthy, vibrant hair for you. This means customising your colour and home care routine to bring out your inner beauty and achieve the hair of your dreams.

Why We Ask About the Last 2-4 Years:

  • Hair Growth Timeline: Hair grows about 1 cm every 4-6 weeks. It can take 2 years for hair to reach chin-length. This means even if you haven't coloured your hair in a while, remnants might still be present.

  • Understanding Past Treatments: If you've previously lightened or coloured your hair, attempting to go lighter now could lead to damage. Knowing your history allows us to minimise risk.

Benefits of Sharing Your Hair History:

  1. Minimal Damage, Maximum Results: We can achieve your desired look with minimal damage and fewer appointments, saving you time and money.

  2. Personalised Home Care: Knowing your hair history helps us recommend the best home care routine for long-lasting health and vibrant colour.

Products to Support Your Hair Journey:

K18 is also available in salon as a before and after treatment to help

protect your hair during your colour services (highly recommend) Cost Starting from $50

  • K18 repair mask, Reverse damage in 4 minutes.- RRP: 5 ml $25, 15ml $55, 50ml $135

  • Alterna Bond repair shampoo and conditioner - RRP $58

Article by Debs

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