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He's not giving you the cold shoulder...

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

John has been in increasing shoulder pain over the last four years. It's taken that long to find out why, and he had a successful operation on the 3rd

of November to have a fusion of 3 vertebrae.

He'll be returning in December on light duties (max of 20 hours per week).

From now on, you’ll need to plan an appointment in advance to ensure staying with him. He’s previously been amazing at working around clients' timetables but this won’t be an option now with limits on how much hairdressing he can do safely.

We will run a waitlist and if you can only come at a certain day and time let us know because we may be able to make that day's shift work around you, Priya will be able to help you with this. The rest of the team is also there if you need us. We, like other businesses, have less staff than we would like at the moment, so we suggest rebooking the entire family ahead of time. It's easy to change online if things crop up, or you can call us.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - or (03 546 8680)

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