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  • Clever Curl Gel Dry Weather 450ml

Clever Curl Gel Dry Weather 450ml


The humectant properties in this gel provide a firm cast and attract further moisture to a dehydrated curl and works perfectly in a dry climate. 


Not only is the gel great for those cold winter days or a dry climate in general, it is also perfect for anyone that is just starting on their curl journey and may need lots of moisture and hydration, colours or lightens their hair frequently, swims in the ocean or pool, works in dry and air-conditioned environments.


77.5% Certified Organic Ingredients


SAFE FOR COLOURED HAIR ~ Fragrance-Free Option available

  • Directions for use:

    After your leave-in routine, apply to palms and distribute evenly using your preferred personal techniques such as; raking, praying hands.For more accentuated curls gently scrunch hair to encourage stronger curls.Let gel set until cast is 100% dry. Allowing hair to dry naturally is best, however if using a blow dryer ensure it is set to low heat and a diffuser is attached.Using your hands scrunch out the crunch to reveal those glorious bouncy curls.

    For more accentuated curls gently scrunch hair to encourage stronger curls.

    Leave in and let hair dry with your preferred technique such as; plopping, diffusing or air dry, OR for stronger curl definition and hold apply a curl gel before allowing the hair to dry.

    METHOD 2: Refresh

    Add a small amount of product to a water spray bottle. Add more if required.

    Spray the mixture to desired parts of the hair to combat frizz.

    Let curls dry with your preferred refreshing techniques.

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